Global Alliance releases a new study on public relations practice in the Czech Republic
Lugano, Switzerland, May 22, 2014 – The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management released today a new study on the state of public relations in the Czech Republic. This is the 27th study of the “PR Country Landscape” series, the Global Alliance’s popular program that provides an overview of the practice of public relations on a country basis.
The newly-announced PR landscape outlines the practice of public relations in the Czech Republic, a country which has experienced a revolutionary transformation in the post-communist years. Nowadays, Czech PR professionals work in a dynamic context where flexible recently- founded agencies work side by side with large and experienced PR firms. They both combine the local knowledge with the power and resources of a global network. In this environment, complying with ethical standards and ensuring transparency are key elements in the public relations practice.
“This new PR landscape provides some fascinating insights into the fast-moving reality of public relations practice in the Czech Republic and it adds to the growing bank of the popular GA Country Landscape series. This study represents an authoritative source of information for our international community and it is a product of a great cooperative work between the GA editorial team and Komora Public Relations, our member association in the Czech Republic” said Anne Gregory, Global Alliance Chair.
Jiří Chvojka, Chairman of Board of Directors of Komora Public Relations, said „Our primary goal was to introduce the field of Public Relations and Communications in the Czech Republic to international PR agencies, communication experts and all other interested parties in the field of communication, as the PR Landscape is downloaded from the website of Global Alliance by hundreds of people from all over the world. The document is the result of several months of work of the team of the Komora Public Relations (Chamber of Public Relations) and responsible persons of the Global Alliance.“
Anne Gregory expressed thanks to the authors of the report led by Dr. Judy VanSlyke Turk and Mark Schumann and to Quentin Langley and Dr. Juan-Carlos Molleda for their leadership of the Global Alliance’s Landscapes project.
The Czech Republic Landscape and the other „Landscape“ studies are available for download at the following link: